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See below for some of our most Frequently Asked Questions.

My old plaster looks terrible. Would I be able to paint or acid wash my pool to make it look better instead of incurring the expense of a resurfacing?

We recommend against these options. Plaster usually lasts 10 years or more.

What else should I consider doing to the pool at the same time as it is being resurfaced?

Repair or replace tile. Repair or replace coping areas. Add benches, tanning ledges or seating areas inside the pool. If you have a deep pool you can make it shallow. Locate any leaks.

How long will it take to remodel my pool?

1-3 weeks depending on the scope of work.

May I remodel my pool during the winter?

Yes, we have a smaller work load and can work year round in this area.

Why is Pebble Tec more expensive than plaster?

The different colored tumbled stone give the plaster its luster and shine. The material and installation add to the cost. Pebble pools are rated for 25+ years.

At what point should I consider a remodel of my pool?

After 10 years most pools are in need of some updating

When should I be concerned about cracks in my pool?

Cracks in the pool should be repaired to prevent further damage

The B&H Pool Solutions Construction Process

Our project has started, but crews do not always arrive first thing in the morning and some days they do not come to the job site at all. Is this normal?

We are a small company that focuses on one project at a time. The reliability is what we pride ourselves on.

Are there any phases of construction, which are particularly messy?

Saw cutting and chipping of the pool creates a good deal of dust.

Our pool was just prepared for resurfacing. Why is the surface very uneven with large holes and streaks?

Hollow pieces of plaster are removed. The surface is water blasted then a bond coat is used to prepare the surface for the installation of the plaster.

Should we use the local water supply to refill our newly remodeled pool?

Yes, once the pool is full, chemicals are added to achieve the correct balance. The pool will then be “handed” over to the person that will be in charge of the chemical maintenance.

Post construction pool care

The crew put a hose into the pool and started filling it with water—now what?

Once the pool is full, the equipment is started. Brushing and balancing of water is critical to insure the finish is protected. The first year is the most important part of plaster curing.

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