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New Swimming Pool Construction – Frisco

New Swimming Pool Construction – Frisco

B&H Pools know the most important part in any construction project is communication. The scope of the project determines the construction time, but many projects can be completed in approximately 6 weeks, weather permitting. The process of building a swimming pool is very systematic. Each step happens in a particular order. And with each step is detailed quality control with checks and balances on our construction team. The process is outlined below.

Job Setup/Layout/Permit

Before we can move forward, we have some preliminary site work to do. Permits need to be procured, ONE CALL underground utility locations has to be done, and some initial pre-dig construction meetings with our construction team. We take care of all of that. As we begin, our construction team will lay out the pool in your backyard following the specifics of the plans, and paint out the proposed pool in your yard before a shovel ever hits the ground. Once you’ve approved the layout, forming and excavation begins.

Our Mission

Deliver a caliber of workmanship and service exceeding our customer’s expectations. Create pool environments allowing you to escape our fast paced society and enjoy swimming and relaxation.

When you work with B&H Pools, you’ll be working directly with the owner, David Elliott.

David is personally involved in every project, and makes sure that your project is completed to your satisfaction.

New Swimming Pool Construction – Frisco

New Swimming Pool Construction – Frisco


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